The preschool room is a very busy place filled with children ranging in age from 3-5 years. Everyone is welcome to come and explore our Preschool room. From our small manipulatives to gross motor, exercises and fun art work that is proudly displayed throughout the room, there’s always something fun and exciting to do and things to learn from. Our most popular area is our loft area. This is a separate upstairs play area that is set up like a house. We use a planned theme based curriculum based on the children’s likes and to help each child grow socially, emotionally, physically, and cognitively.Our morning arrival is from 6-8:30am. During this time the children play with table toys and are offered a healthy breakfast. Small group begin at 8:30 am and goes until our snack time at 9. After snack we have our open areas; children are allowed to choose from the many areas available. From 10:30-11:30 is our large muscle. Weather permitting we go outside on the playground. If we must stay inside our activities to get the sillies out range from dancing and music to exercising, obstacle courses and fun games that allows the children to move around. After large muscle we like to settle down with a story and get ready for everyone’s favorite part of the day, lunchtime! At 11:30 we eat a delicious lunch together in our classroom and we serve our food family style. Everyone is encouraged to try new and healthy foods. Once our bellies are filled nap and quiet time starts at 12:30 and goes until 2:30. Once everyone’s batteries are recharged we get up and have afternoon snack at 3:00. Weather permitting we get to go back outside at 3:15. From 3-5:30pm begins our second shift arrivals. We say goodbye to the children that have been here during the day. Small group and free choice goes from 4:30 until 6pm. At 6pm we clean up our toys and enjoy a yummy and healthy dinner. From 6:30 until 8pm the children are allowed to explore the areas in the room. At 8pm a night snack is offered and then the children brush their teeth, put on their pajamas, have a story, and settle in on their mats to rest until they are picked up. Our fun-filled day finally comes to a close at midnight.


Our school age room is always filled with lots of fun activities and laughter. The children in this room range in age from 5-12 years.  We follow two different schedules in the school age room, one for during the school year and one during the summer. During the school year the children that come in the mornings are here between 6 am and leave for school around 8 am, some earlier and some a little later depending on the school they attend.  We transport to several schools in the area. The children come in in the morning, are offered a healthy breakfast to jumpstart their learning day and are allowed to play with table toys and other activities until they leave for school. After school arrival goes from 2:30-3:30. At 3:30 the kids are usually starving and they are offered a nutritious after school snack. After that the teachers sit down with those that need help and work on homework, the other children have free choice. Weather permitting we get to go onto the playground or the park around 4:00pm. If we can’t get outside , we do large muscle activities including dancing, exercising, or active games. At 6pm the kids get to sit down for a hearty  dinner. Once dinner is done areas are available until 8pm. At 8pm a night time snack is offered and then the children brush their teeth, put on their pj’s and rest until they are picked up for the night.During the summer our schedules are a little different as our kids are here all day instead of in school. Arrival is from 6-8:30 am at which time breakfast is offered and table toys are played with. At 8:30 we clean up and have group time. During our group time we talk about the different things we will be learning about, children are encouraged to share stories, and on a field trip day the children that are going on the field trip get ready to go. We eat morning snack at 9am. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday’s we do field trips each week during the summer. We take two vans with us and can take 15 children for the day on the trip. We try and get everyone on at least one if not two field trips during the week depending on the child’s schedule. Most field trips go from 9:30am and last until 3pm. The children are packed a lunch and we picnic at the park after our field trip is complete. The children that stay back from the field trip usually do theme-related activities such as science experiments, and small team activities that teach and encourage them to work together. Weather permitting outside time is from 11-12pm. During this time the children are able to play in our big sand box, play basketball, ride scooters, go for walks or to a park,  and on Friday’s have water play day. During water play the kids get their swimming gear on and they get to run through our sprinklers. Lunch is eaten at 12pm. This is served family style and everyone is encouraged to try all the yummy and healthy foods. After lunch we have a quiet time from 1-2:30. During this time the children are encouraged to read, play board games, and work on theme-related activities. At 3:00pm afternoon snack arrives. After this, children have free choice. Weather permitting; we once again get back outside at 4:30pm. Dinner is eaten at 6pm. After dinner the children are able to have free time to explore the room and socialize with their friends until 8pm. Between 8pm and 9pm night snack is served. After this the children brush their teeth, put on their pj’s and relax on a mat until they are picked up for the day.


Here we focus on the basics plus more. Each day we practice communication, hygiene, social skills, and independence. Through music, art, play, and reading we learn about ourselves and others. Each child learns at their own pace and discover the world around them with the tools they enjoy the most. Holidays, special occasions, personal achievements; any reason to play and learn at any time of the year.


Here in the baby room, we get to enjoy many firsts for the children. We start the day off by talking to the parents about how their child’s night or day has gone, so we as teachers can help the kids get off to a great start for the day. The babies enjoy playing throughout the day. Through this play the teachers observe the children and plan individual activities, or group activities to help the children reach their goals.